It's Always Vibe with the OTBSP Crew

Andee, Demarcus, Sharlene & Shundra are sure to make laugh and maybe even shed a tear or two.  This crew is fun, vibrant, and loves their community!

Some fun facts


knows her candy! Her famous "candy bowl" that's filled with old school snacks is the main attraction for live on-air guests.

Andee and Demarcus are...

the originators He Say/She Say.  This on-air segment started with these two battling it out over advice letters

Sharlene's daughter Soraiya...

loves to make occasional appearances on-air for "The Beat Kids" segments.


Portable gear

And more!

Host, Visualist
Sharlene Emmanuel

Sharlene was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and has been a member of the St. Petersburg community since 1995.  Sharlene has a love for music, the arts, and everything that makes the black community beautiful.  Sharlene founded On the Beat St. Pete out of a need to want to see more shine given to the people behind the scene that are working hard to make a real change in the city.  Sharlene loves to write and serves that the shows primary producer and director.  Special interests: Education, Entertainment, Motivation, Promotion, and Red Carpet Premieres

Host, Culturist
Shundra Allison

Shundra aka “Ms. In the City” was born in Tallahassee, FL and has been in St. Pete since the age of 4.  Shundra has a cool and calm swag with a passion for life and a great sense of humor.  Shundra enjoys empowering women and her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit draws her to arts including, fashion, hair, make-up, and music.  She is the founder of “TheBurgCares” and enjoys networking and connecting with the people of the community. Special Interests: Art, Fashion/Beauty, Entertainment, Product Launch, and Travel

Host, Holistic Historian
Andrea “Andee” Peaten

Andrea aka “Andee” was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Fl and has been working for over 20 years to help improve outcomes and awareness in the areas of Health, Economic Equality, Diversity and Education.  Andee is the crews’ resident historian and works keep the community up to date on all the political happenings both locally and nationally.  Andee also enjoys the practice of holistic healing, a practice that considers that whole person – mind, body, and spirit. As such, her hand-crafted jewelry, Queens Jewels by Andee, promotes healing using special gems, crystals, and stones.    Special Interests: Adult Topics, Health & Healing, Spirituality, St. Pete History.

Host, Networking Engineer
Demarcus "Big D" Holden

Demarcus was born and raised in Tallahassee, Fl and has been loving the St. Petersburg community since he moved here in 2012.  Demarcus is a sports enthusiast who also enjoys fishing, traveling, fresh sneakers, cooking and music.  He is the shows sound engineer and keep the crew up to date on all the latest happenings in the music and sports world.  With a gift for networking, Demarcus keeps the crew and community plugged into the happening events around the Tampa Bay area. Empowering/Mentoring youth, & Video Gaming

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