Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) plan

November 11, 2020

Pinellas County’s EHE Advisory Council hosted a series of planning meetings that began December 2019 and concluded in September of 2020. These meetings brought various sectors of the community together to address the high incidence of HIV cases in Pinellas County and the circumstances that contributed to the epidemic.

This process included focus groups and listening sessions with the community to understand what the people most impacted by the epidemic wanted to see change. Various stakeholders were included throughout the process which culminated in the recommendation of strategies/activities that were offered to the planning group for its consideration.

The time to work has now come, and the Florida Department of Health-Pinellas will be facilitating a discussion on the Pinellas EHE plan and the funding opportunities available for Grass Roots Organizations on November 18th2020, 10:00am-12:00pm via ZOOM. The registration link for the meeting is www.theburgcares.com/events. Please register to attend this important meeting and feel free to share